One of my favorite Christmas presents was a collection of writing stuff: a fountain pen, some awesome notebooks, a Write-Brain Workbook, and, my brother Bryan added, a special coupon. For every novel or “equally absurd” 50,000 word project that I complete during the following year, Bryan promised me a printed copy of the book and a chocolate-pancake breakfast.

“Well,” I said, “I better get started! Anything for a chocolate pancake breakfast!”

My plan for earning as many as these yummy rewards as I can is simple. I hope to complete three, 50,000 word projects. The first (The Cohen Chronicles, a piece of autobiographical fiction) is underway and Lord willing should be done by the end of May. The second, I hope to complete over the summer. And the third, I will work on in the busy months September through December.

For a while, I had played around with thoughts of doing NaNoWriMo ( in the month of November and completing project number 3 in September, October, and December. But simply thinking about trying to fit in 1666 words in every school day during November makes my brain hurt.

The topics and genres for the second and third projects are still up in the air. So suggestions are welcome.

An author once said, “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

I have always longed to hold finished, printed books in my hands that I can call my own. Its one thing to finish a book and see it on a computer screen. But a completely different to hold it in your hand. The deadlines for this project will take some serious work to accomplish. But think of the outcome.

“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


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