Flash Fiction

The one type of fiction that I find extremely challenging to write is flash fiction. Novels are hard. They require diligence to finish, but even though flash fiction pieces are extremely short (50-1000 words max), I find it very hard to try to fit a story, even a tiny one, in 100 words.

I have found several things helpful in this plight.

1) Starting as far into the story as I possibly can.

2) Not wasting one word over unnecessary details.

3) The Write-Brain workbook (I listed among my Christmas gifts on Monday). This workbook, having only a limited space to write, has actually been helping me with #2. Going through an exercise, I find myself saying, “I really don’t need that piece of info.” I’ve been learning what I need and what is extra fluff that doesn’t spice up the story any.

Flash fiction is about being as compact and efficient with your words as possible. Its hard, especially for me.

But when I achieve this, I find that it gives my writing such pop. Its funny. How sometimes a short, concise passage can be more powerful than lines of exquisite, poetic, flowery prose that leaves images wavering in her mind.


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