The Whilrwind of Life

In between packing up one sister who’s going back to college, starting back to school, and listening to philosophy tapes with the other sister, the blog almost got left out this morning. Sorry inkblot!

Last night, I resolved to finish up last week’s word count (Yes, the first week and I’m already behind) for the Cohen Chronicles. I locked myself in my room, told my sister to chase me back in if she saw me outside my room, turned on my Lord of the Rings playlist on my ipod, and dug in to finish the 1000 words missing from my word count.

It was easier than I expected. It took around six hand written pages. Now my word count is 3522 and around 12 typed pages long. By Friday my word count should be 7000. And everyone can make fun of me if I’m not there.

In the business of life, writing often gets squeezed out of my schedule. But personally, I’d rather get a low A in geometry and get writing in, then get a high A and not write at all.


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