Success and Geometry

Current Word Count: 12,960 

Last night’s writing session turned out to be quite successful! I added 2 thou instead of 1! I love it when that happens! (Ok, I copy-pasted a good half of it from past scribblings. But still, it counts!)

I’m off to finish the Geometry homework that I should have done last night.

To quote Anne Shirley …

“‘Matthew, did you ever study geometry when you went to school?”’

“‘Well now, no, I didnt,” said Matthew, coming out of his doze with a start.”

“‘I wish you had,” sighed Anne, “because then you’d be able to sympathize with me. You can’t sympathize properly if you’ve never studied it. It is casting a cloud over my entire life. I’m such a dunce at it, Matthew.”’


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