Busy Day

I’m putting together some outfit examples for my Home Economics class this afternoon. So I don’t have much time. I actually forgot about doing this until I was climbing wearily into bed at 11:10 last night after a looong Orchestra rehearsal. Then I went, “Oh, shoot a monkey, I forgot to finish the outfit designs!” So here I am.

I will hopefully be adding 1000 or so words to the count tonight (if I have my homework ready for the 9:00 am Latin class tomorrow). I’m on chapter 4 at the moment and very soon will be on to chapter 5.

Today will be a long day as Home Ec (already a four hour class) will be slightly suspended as we are taking a ‘field trip’ to Gail K Fabrics in prep for our projects this spring. I also have tons of homework, so I’ll say bye for now!


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