This is earlier than I normally blog in the mornings. I was actually partially relieved when Mom and Dad didn’t come out to got the the gym this morning. Some mornings I feel all ready to run, but then other mornings (like today), its just great that Mom and Dad don’t walk into the kitchen. So I’m getting a head start to my day. Yay! Getting ahead of schedule always makes me feel good. 😀

Well, over the weekend, I have:

1) Finished homework that is due tonight. That was so exciting. I hate doing World Views homework on Mondays.

2) Decided (I think we decided, didn’t we, Mom?) what pattern to use for my Home Ec project this spring. If you’re remotely interested, here’s the link: My prospective dress is B (The purple on second to right.)

3) Reached a word count of: 15284, which will grown before breakfast as I have some free time on my hands!

4) Nothing else significant.

I had a good weekend. I started thinking about the cover for my book, which I really should start. I’m not going to share it with you beloved readers until its all done.

Well, I’m off to … . probably write. I’ll get in a couple hundred, then go grab some breakfast.

Have a good morning and a great day!


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