Rain is not my friend

When I got up at 4:50 to go to the gym, it was raining. And cold. Its still raining. I kind of feel like the world has caught a bad case of Eeyore today. (I had no idea how to spell that. I had to look Winny the Pooh up on Wikipedia.)

I am saved by the grace of a warm blanket and my peppermint tea while I write this.

Yesterday’s extra time due to a canceled gym trip, netted me a clean desk (great feeling), a couple hundred words (also a great feeling), and a draft of a sketch that will someday (prob. end of May) end up on the front cover of the single copy of my book. Its not perfect. The main character’s nose was so aggravating (since this is autobiographical fiction, I’m sure you understand why), and I could not get the pastels to stop smudging. I am very tempted to do it all in graphite.But like a draft of a book, its bound to be imperfect, even horrid.

Off to get another blanket from my room, practice violin, and then take a nice, log, hot shower.


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