My kind of music

When I sit down at the tiny desk in my room to write (yes, I still like to write longhand), I have to turn on some music.

But I’m always faced with the limited scope of the Ipod. For the last while, I’ve been listening to Lord of the Rings music while I write. Not the battle or tense scenes (especially nothing concerning Nazgul, unless I’m writing about something terrifying), but the softer, gentle parts, on the same playlist that I listen to when I can’t sleep. 🙂

Granted, sometimes, I like silence. I like the emptiness that I get to fill with the words that roam around in my head. But usually, and especially when there are other things going on in the house (a novel concept, right?), I like to block it all out with relaxing, beautiful music.

I don’t particularly like making music. (Kind of ironic that I’m assistant concertmaster in my youth orchestra, right?) In fact, anyone who knows me should be familiar with my dislike for playing violin. However, I do find that listening to theright sorts of music can increase my creative mind. I never listen to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov, De Meij, or Shostakovich while writing. My kind of music lets my mind wander and flow. It lets me close my eyes and see A Far Green Country, bright flowers against a blue sky, tears drop from sad, mysterious, blue eyes, or see clear waters that laugh as they trickle down the brook.

My kind of music, isn’t when I’m playing it and I have to constantly be counting in my head, thinking madly of what note is next, or worried that my bow is in the wrong place.

My kind of music is only the music that increases my creative mind. It lets my imagination soar in the dusk shadowed clouds, in the wind that whirls among the golden trees, or by the waters whose clear blueness, brightened by the golden light, clears my mind of useless worries and anxieties.


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