Let’s just say that my body does not like this whole time-change thing and leave it at that. Going on would make me grouchy. 

On a happier note: This weekend saw my word count to 35,000 (well, I’m a few hundred short actually) and I’m hoping to finish the draft of my book by the end of March. At that point I will decided whether to burn it, burying it in the woods at midnight, or just lock it in a drawer and leave it for my grandchildren to find and laugh at. We shall see. 

Then, I shall start my second novel project, which is hopefully going to be more of a collection of things—novelettes, short stories, poems, etc. 

Well, since I slept in (grrrr), I’m off to do Geometry. My breakfast tea is the only thing keeping me tolerably nice right now.

I am officially ready for summer. 


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