A repentant non-blogger

I have been informed (by my best friend) that I have been fearfully neglecting my blog. And, I must admit, I have. 

Reason? Excuses? 

Well, first, there’s always school. And life. Both of which keep me very busy.

Between homework, classes, violin, and trying desperately to finish my time travel book before my creative writing workshop this summer (the draft should be started this week), my life’s been very very busy. Good, but hectic. 

Then add other things like getting ready for my brother’s wedding this spring etc., and life gets even more interesting. 🙂 

But in all reality, no, I have no excuse for my absence in blogging. 

I will try to be better about it. Really. 

(Though I’ll save the details for a later post, yes, I am still working away at my time travel novel. The outline should be finished tomorrow. Praise God! Then the fun shall begin.)


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