My Current Novel

I promised that I would save the details of my book till a future post…(it fully deserves its own post :P) 

Since October, I have been working through Other Worlds, an extension of the One Year creative writing program I did last summer. Through this course I have been studying the traits and rules for Science Fiction and Fantasy and have been outlining a Science Fiction novel. What’s my books about?

Its complicated. If I explained the whole premise, back-story, and plot, it would be the longest post I ever wrote. And I really have to go study for the National Latin exam and don’t want to labor over how to explain some of the really weird/complicated ideas. 

But I will give you a hint:

Time travel

(If you’re good and you send me chocolate, I will post more hints)

Last night, I finished the outline. *celebrates* And now, all I have to do is write! 

Also noteworthy is that I will (Lord willing) be attending a summer creative writing workshop in Olathe Kansas in the end of June hosted by my amazing creative writing teacher. 

My novel really needs to be written by then. And my four main chapters need to be edited and prepared for extensive critique groups at the workshop. 

So I have my work cut out for me this spring! I have my outline, my charries, my plot. Now I need to write! 


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