I love reaching milestones. I love accomplishing tasks.

When I started my Sophomore year of Highschool last August, I was ready to launch myself into another year of rigorous study and hectic days of learning and growing. As I look back over this past year, I realize that this year hasn’t been easy. There have been late nights, mental breakdowns, tears, and many sudden realizations that I was depending entirely on my own strength.

Homework, papers, violin, and the business of life have crowded into my schedule. In spite of all this, I stayed up late, locked myself in my room, and did what it took to write my novel.

I love looking back and realize that God was working through all of it. Through all the bleary eyes and hectic schedules, He was working. Teaching. Giving me strength, the strength I thought I had, but didn’t. Every time I turned to Him to say, “Lord, I can’t do this alone. I’m sorry for trusting myself. Please help me. Please give me the strength”, He answered me. Again and again, I failed in my own strength. Again and again, He gave me the grace to repent and trust in Him.

I just finished my sophomore year in Highschool.

I suppose I can start telling people that I am a rising Junior. But actually, I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that. I’m glad to be done with my sophomore year, but I’m not quite ready for my Junior year. The thought scares me. Because ahead of Junior year is my Senior year. And then…what?

I love how God puts things in my path to make me to trust Him. Because I know that when I need it, God will give me the courage, the ambition, the strength to forge ahead into the second half of my Highschool career.

I think I’ll start tomorrow my cleaning my desk.


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