Summer Plans and a Photo Challenge

Today is the start of a new week, the first empty week since my brother’s wedding. As I wander around the house, edit my novel, read, and practice, I have become aware of the wonderful summer stretching out before me like a open prairie, inviting me to lavish in its beauty.

Days empty of classes. No homework. Small goals and dreams.

Books to read. Chapters to critique and edit. Time with the camera, the sun scorching the back of my neck. Time to relish in the beauty of God’s world and His goodness.

I have great hopes for the summer, in the months before the homework, the essays, and the classes all crash into my life again. I want to read good books. I want to edit my novel to as close to perfection as I am capable of driving it. I want to laugh, to make happy memories. I want to spend time in The Word, learning about God’s grace.

I have also decided to attempt something new for the next two and a half months. Every day, I will post a new photo, a snapshot of my life, a captured moment in time. So I can remember these summer days.


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