Epic Adventures

Hey there!

I promise I have not completely abandoned my blog. Like my last post said, our internet’s been out for a while. And though I was able to access it at my grandmother’s house, it was hard to upload photos from a thumb drive.

Well, we finally got internet back. Sort of. Our AT&T guy did his magic work, but our router still had to be replaced, since it had gotten fried by the lightening. This all happened on Friday, a week and a half ago. Three hours later, my parents, older sister, and I left town for ten days for our epic, awesome summer road-trip.

Our first stop was Nashville, where we spent two nights with our best friends. We stayed up late watching movies, talking, and being goofy. Go figure.

That Saturday, I had a surprise 16th Birthday Party (two weeks early), which was a blast. I had absolutely no idea what we were doing.

After a shopping trip to get me a dress for our outing, we jumped in the car to drive to our mysterious destination. Can you say the Opryland Hotel? Needless to say, our first destination had me completely pumped. Yes, I did say “first” destination, because this was a “progressive dinner”. Throughout the evening, we actually made three stops. For appetizers (at the Opryland Hotel), for dinner (small, quaint, delicious restaurant), and for dessert (a delicious frozen yogurt shop).

We all had a wonderful time and I have a little scrapbook filled with notes written by everyone at our stops, pictures, and fun mementos.

Our second stop was in Van Meter, Iowa, to see our cousins. I simply couldn’t stop taking pictures in Iowa, it was so beautiful.

We had a great time hanging out with family. We stayed up late, ate lots of sugar, and spent lots of time exploring their beautiful land and swimming in the pond.

Finally, we came to the culmination of our trip—the Creative Writing Summer Workshop in Olathe Kansas. All spring, I have looked forward to getting to the workshop.

Yet, I will confess, I was very nervous as soon as we arrived for check-in. It was a brand new experience for me—dorms, community bathrooms, cafeteria, etc. The first day was long, spending five hours in lectures and nearly four hours in my critique group. And, I will admit, it was quite daunting. However, as I met new people and became more familiar with my surroundings, the days began to fly. By the end of the four days, I had gathered a plethora or notes, a ton of comments on my novel thanks to my amazing critique group, and many wonderful friendships. On the fourth day, as we stood on our chairs in a standing ovation for our wonderful teacher, I couldn’t believe the workshop was over.

I learned so much in the Workshop. And as I read through my notes and comments, I keep remembering even more. It was totally worth the long drive, the first day’s trembling, the long hours. Have I learned everything I need to learn? Are you kidding me? I know I have so much more to learn.

And I also know my novel needs some serious help. That’s what editing, and editing, and more editing was made for.

Meanwhile, we came home from our amazing adventure to a house with no internet router and no water (we found out on the trip that our well got fried by the lightning). So settling back in has been a bit of an adventure in itself. However, we finally have internet back at the house and so I promise to resume my daily photo post.

Well, the adventure has been fun. 🙂 But its good to be back home.


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