Novel Update

I just realized that I haven’t blogged much about my novel recently. So, I think its time for an update. When I got back from the oyan Summer Workshop, I had a partially finished second draft of New Identity and approximately six weeks before the contest deadline. I also had two sibling full critiques, many partial critiques from friends on the forum, and, of course, my notes and scribbles from my awesome critique group at the Workshop. And, I was determined to persevere the painful hard work that would be necessary to finish this book. Thus armed, I set out to finish my second draft.

First, I took my notes from my personal read-through of the rough draft (always the most humiliation, demoralizing part of editing) and created a three page long list, chapter by chapter, of everything that I needed to change for the second draft. It included plot changes, almost completely re-writing the third act, and nitty gritty logistical switches. Then I marched through my list, chapter by chapter, spending a week and a half to re-write, tweak, and edit.

Saturday, I finished the second draft. Yesterday, I printed the new draft out for my second critique, this one from my mom. Today and tomorrow I am planning on digging a hole, climbing in it, and staying there until I finish reading through my second draft and making tons and tons and tons of notes for the third draft. Oh, and I’ll have to take tea with me into said hole, because I can’t edit without tea. Its essential.

In the third draft, I plan to fix the remaining plot problems, characterization issues, and go through remaining critiques, etc. The fourth edit will be unique since I’m hoping to draft my sister into reading my book aloud to me. *cringe* Painful? Yes. Will it help my writing quality to hear all my awkward sentences read aloud? Well, after much pain, yes, I hope so.

The contest deadline is in 27 days and 10 hours. I certainly have my work cut out for me as I hope to finish the fourth draft before sending it in. There’s a lot to fix. A lot of improve.

I guess I better go get some tea and get started.


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