Pausing to Wonder

Houses to clean, chores to do, violin-practice to complete, chapters to edit, excerpts to critique, new novel ideas to explore, miles to run, devotions to do, books to read, blog posts to write, photos to take, family to hang out with . . . the to-do lists of my “relaxing” summer days go on and on. My days seem to follow a monotonous rhythm of endless tasks. And at the end of everyday, I jot down my list for the next, which looks incredibly like the day before.

Its not that I mind all this business . . . far from it. I love these days and what I’m doing and I dread the approaching “doom” of school. But I am aware that sometimes, and far too often, its hard to stop. To take a moment, a minute, an hour to set aside my goals for the day and invest it in someone else. To sit down and chat with a friend about their day. To help Mom around the house. To wander out into the woods and take in the beauty of God’s world.

Its so easy for me to get caught up in my novel, my books, my workouts, that I forget to stop. To pause and wonder at the grace so evident around me, to thank Him for the gifts he has given me, to show His love to someone near me.

As I drove home from my grandmother’s tonight with my older sister, we listened to a song my Keith and Kristin Getty that reminded me of this. And the line from the chorus of that song is my prayer:

“Don’t let me loose my wonder”


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