Draft 4 and Goals

I started working on the fourth draft for my book today. This edit will consist of my older sister reading the manuscript aloud to me, both of us making notes on things to change (mostly concerning writing style), and then me going back through and making the changes necessary.

We read the first two chapters this afternoon. At first, if was excruciatingly painful to hear my work being read aloud. But soon, I got over myself and we had a grand time marking up my manuscript, laughing at certain awkward phrases, and acting out entire scenes (I was my villain, Beth Anne was my MC). After a quick (or not so quick) break, I settled down with my scribble-covered-manuscript at the computer to edit (with tea, of course).

During my “quick” break, I spent some time chatting with a friend and also surfing some photography blogs. On one blog I have been following, I found a link to a cool website called Day Zero. Its a project started by a guy in New Zealand and its a challenge to “Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.”

As someone who is constantly making mental notes of things I want to do, I found this to be a really cool idea. I have too many dreams to count and I love setting goals for myself. This is the perfect place to keep track of them.

After all, “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”



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