A Goal Achieved

I’m so sorry for going AWOL the past several days! Life’s been, shall we say, hectic.

On Tuesday, my Grandpa ended up in the hospital with severe stomach pains. Wednesday, my whole family was scheduled to head up to the Georgia mountains for a long weekend vacation. Our departure was slightly postponed by Grandpa’s emergency surgery for a strangulated intestine, but we all finally arrived safely. And, I’m glad to say, we had a blast. (Pics from our awesome trip will be coming soon. For a hint, check this out.)

When we got home yesterday around noon, Mom and Dad immediately left for the hospital to receive discharge instructions so they could bring Grandpa back to our house. And I glued myself to my computer chair for the next thirty plus hours. My novel contest deadline was tonight. And I’ve spent almost every minute since I got home editing. I only got five and a half hours of sleep and I ran on caffeine and adrenaline today.

But I have good news. About an hour and a half ago, I submitted my novel to the contest. This was only after I majorly freaked out about it not being done, not being good enough, etc. I have to say, I was very relieved to finally get it off my shoulders. I’ve been worried about this novel for months and you can’t guess the relief I’m feeling right now.

And now that I have joyfully announced that, I will proceed to forget that I ever wrote New Identity until the results of the contest are announced, probably sometime in November.

Pardon me while I go celebrate.


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