Family Vacation

Although the majority consensus at the end of vacation was that we needed a longer vacation, the time we had together was a blast.

My family rocks. Just gotta say it. We can be a little . . . different at times (Um, change that to very), but honestly, family vacation has to be the highlight of my summer each year.

I didn’t take as many pictures on this trip as I would have liked (No, 550 isn’t enough), but I will share some of them. For an explanation on the bizarre pool shots, check out

The location was beautiful. This is one of the four cabins that we had, but this one trumped because it had an awesome view, the pool, and the Wi-fi

Loved this well with the rustic bucket.

And then, of course, you have three things that made this trip amazing:

1) Fun

2) Games

3) Funny Faces

And then of course you have this:

I never get to eat honey nut cheerios. And so when Mom bought them for vacation, I decided to take advantage of them. In fact, I had some cheerios three times a day *innocent face*.

To check out the rest of my pics from vacation, you can visit my picasa gallery:


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