A New Journey

Sitting beside me on my computer desk is the first stack of World Views notes for this year. You know what that means? I started homework last night. Homework for my Junior year, no less.

A new path lies before me. I’m entering into my Junior year in HS, a year with new classes, schedules, responsibilities, and challenges.

I have mixed feelings when I think of the new school year. First, there’s apprehension. I don’t know how my schedule will iron out like; what the level of hecticity (which really should be a word) shall turn out to be. Will I be so buried in homework that I won’t have time to write? And what about orchestra…what level of pressure will I be under? Will I get kicked out of the SAT again???

And then there’s excitement and hope. The new school year is a chance to start fresh. To put aside last year and the year before that and to focus solely on this year. Its a time for new goals, and hopes, and aspirations.

When I think about it, the school year scares me a little bit. To survive until May again, seems almost impossible.

But then I remember:

“Little by little, one travels far”
— J.R.R. Tolkien


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