I think my poor blog and camera (which I still need to name) must feel neglected.

I had an awesome weekend and I meant to post some pictures on Monday. However, the last two days have been chock-full of homework, classes, and teaching violin lessons. So I find myself writing a blog post about my weekend on Wednesday instead.

On Saturday, we got up and hit the road, heading up to Cloudland Canyon for a World Views planning meeting and picnic. I believe in the power of brief description. So put briefly,  it rocked. We played lots of games, the parents were very productive, and I got to see my Best Friend!

After a short and absolutely yummy lunch, the parents carried chairs out under a huge tree for their meeting (just like they do every year). And we kids, well, we goofed off. For about four and a half hours. We played Ninja, Dodge-ball, Things, the cup game, Big Runner, Psychiatrist (my new favorite game!), crossed or uncrossed?, and the Land of Odd.

We had so much fun and laughed way too much, especially during Things and Psychiatrist. The latter took the longest and was, by far, my favorite. I mean, what other game exists where you have license to act mentally deficient, confuse your “psychiatrist” to the point of tears, and have the most amazing time doing it? If you haven’t played this game, you need to.

World Views Class of 2012...the exposure on all our group photos was shot. <_< Oh, well. There's always next time.

On Sunday, we had our first Bible Study of the fall. With memories of Saturday fresh in our minds, Beth Anne and I set out to teach the other kids Psychiatrist. The first round was ok, but not nearly as amusing, since everyone was still getting the fact that you were supposed to act insanely. But the second round, played in the grass after dark, with me acting as Psychiatrist, and a new rule in place, was a huge success. I was utterly confused and it took me a good thirty minutes to ask the proper questions and figure out what was “wrong” with my patients. And in the meantime, my patients made me laugh so hard that it hurt. I can’t even describe how fun it was. You just had to be there.

With the coming of the school week, I plunged into a panic of finishing my homework for my Monday and Tuesday classes. However, yesterday, I did manage to find five minutes to head outside with my poor neglected camera. I didn’t have a long time, but I got two shots I liked–a photo of our fall Dogwood tree, and one of a butterfly on our Lantana.


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