A beautiful heart

The green whips past as we ride down the road. Our chatter fills the car. Laughter echoes in my ears. I smile as I finger my camera. My big sister turns eighteen today and we’re going out, just the two of us, for breakfast, a shopping outing, and ice-cream.

As she opens her card and gift, I watch her. She’s grown up. Beautiful. A godly heart filled with love. I don’t deserve a best friend, a sister like her.

We wander through the store and enjoy our morning together–away from school, from the cares of everyday. We laugh and joke. We relish in the moment, two kindred spirits. We spend time being girls–picking out nail polish, trying on 5 inch stilettos (ok, that was me).

When we get home, we show our spoils to Mom. Then I ask Lizzy for a picture of her new ring. The ring with a story. The gift of stars.

My parents started dating when my mom was sixteen. Three months into their relationship, my dad gave Mom matching earrings and a necklace–star sapphires. Later, he gave her this ring.

Beth Anne is the only one of their girls with a September Birthday. How fitting it is that she opened her birthday gift on her eighteenth Birthday to find the jewelry given to my Mom over thirty five years ago with so much love.

I love you, sis!




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