What a Photographer Does To Get Her Shot

I only wish I had a picture of my room yesterday while I was shooting my rainy-day teacup photos.

What I imagined would be a quick fifteen minute shoot took me well over an hour. (I do realize that, if I had thought though everything before hand and actually had a better idea of what I was doing, it would have been much quicker.)

I put the tea kettle on to boil, searched through my sister’s closet to find the perfect teacup, rummaged through the house to find a small table the size and height that I needed, and carried everything up to my room. I thought the window next to my bed had the nicest view of trees and that the lighting would be decent. Besides, my mom had students coming in and out and I wanted to be out of the way.

I got my table set up with my teacup and then realized I didn’t know where my dad’s tripod was. After a ten minute search of the house, I determined that I could improvise without the tripod and dragged a small desk from the next room to act as a stabilizer for my camera.

Then I looked out the window and cringed. In my head, I had a picture of this picturesque teacup on a table in front of a window with ran drops sliding down the glass. However, the rain that had been falling earlier that morning had stopped and my window was completely dry. But I was not to be thwarted. Out came Mom’s squirt bottle and I raised my window, stuck my hand out the crack, and squirted the window with water-vinegar solution until I had little rivers running down the glass. (Mom would have been proud that I was cleaning my window while taking pictures).

I acted quickly to take advantage of the man-made rain, but had to stop again to fix my poor lighting. Finally, I had a situation that I was relatively happy with and began to click away. By the time I finished, I had a mess, one that all had to be cleaned up.

After playing with my photos in Picasa, I was fairly pleased with my outcome and posted one picture yesterday. But with all the work that went into these, I thought I might share a couple more.



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