Dreaded Two Weeks

They’re here. Two of the weeks I dread most.

Every year its the same. I push through the fall likes its a marathon, with my eyes on Thanksgiving break, my first real break, like its the finish line. The break couldn’t come at a more opportune time and when it comes, I enjoy it to its fullest. Christmas music comes out full blast along with Christmas decorations and scheming about gifts.

But all too soon, the break is over. Everyone heads back to normal life–work and school.


We get so focused on the holidays over Thanksgiving, excited about a break, reveling in doing something other than school late at night. And then for two dreaded weeks, we have to head back to the books for two weeks of studying, cramming, and midterms.

Tonight, the last night of my break, I pulled out my schedules and started making to-do lists. I winced when I realized that I have an in-class midterm for Advanced Algebra in 8 days. I might need to study a little for that one.

But its only two weeks.

And then, its time for some fun. And a break.


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