A Crazy Challenge

I’ve decided to do something a little crazy.

But that’s all right, because I like being crazy on the occasion (ok, maybe more than occasionally…just ask my best friend).

I can just hear you saying, “Uh, oh. What’s she up to now.” Don’t worry. Its not actually that crazy.

So are you curious? Well, I guess I’ll tell. I will be doing a daily photo challenge for the month of December.

The only reason that this scares me is that December is a crazy month. Isn’t it for everyone? For me, final essays, assignments, and *gulp* midterms are looming. My novel outline is demanding significant attention. And on top of that, its almost time to plunge into the amazing and awesome holiday madness.

So the idea of fitting in a photo challenge is a wee bit intimidating to me. Finding time in between classes and studying and writing and Christmas prep to pick up my camera and finish one polished photo each day is going to be even harder than figuring out what to put in my brother’s stockings (And that’s saying something. Brothers are SO hard to shop for).

But I’m going to do it anyway. I want to push myself to capture as many moments from this Christmas season as possible. And I look forward to having little snapshots of my crazy life for the next month.

So here’s the game plan.

Everyday, I will follow the prescribed photo challenge and post it before midnight each night. I do reserve the right to mix up some of the days (mostly because I want to capture something other than “something pink” on Christmas day).

So there you go, folks. Please check back starting December First (this Thursday) to follow my December Photo Challenge!


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