Photo Challenge Day #7: Hands

I have a confession to make. I cheated on today’s picture. No, I didn’t copy it off Pinterest (not to say I wasn’t tempted). I did in fact take this picture of my sister playing Bach. I just didn’t take this picture today.

I did have something planned for today’s picture. But my photoshoot with my sister on the subject of eyes didn’t go so well. Maybe it was the fact that we were both in really weird moods, alternating cracking up and (Beth Anne) being moody. But it was probably simply that it was just one of those times when I can’t seem to get my lighting to do what I want.

So I hereby repent for my cheating. I do hope that the photo challenge police will understand my busy, pre-Christmas, finals-week level of hecticity and forgive me. I’d hate to wake up to them pounding on my door.


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