Photo Challenge Day #11: Fruit

As I write, our grandfather clock is chiming midnight. I’m exhausted. Its been a hectic day and we’ve been up placing Christmas orders before midnight online coupons expire. Its officially time for sleep. I actually forgot to post a picture today until about five minutes ago as we all wearily said our good-nights.

This is a very significant picture. Yesterday, Mom finished our first batch of grapefruit peel candy. We’ve been working on this batch for a couple weeks, and it was so good to finally taste the first grapefruit peel candy of the season. Its truly Christmastime now. For those of you who had deprived childhoods without grapefruit candy, you have my deepest condolences. I can’t imagine the holidays without this amazing candy. Most people who hear of it for the first time wrinkle their noses and say in disbelief, “what kind of candy?” But believe me, this stuff is divine.

Some might further argue that when the peels of grapefruit have been boiled and seeped in this much sugar, they cease to be fruit, and therefore should not count for today’s photo. Well, to those skeptics, I simply say goodnight.

Oh, and to my brothers–this and future batches will, as always, be hidden away until Christmas. Goodnight!



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