Photo Challenge Day #14: Flowers

Wow. Its been one of those days in the realm of my challenge. My initial photoshoot with my sister failed epicly. Well, it was an awesome idea and we’ve decided to try it again another day. But just as soon as we started to get good results, my battery died on me. By then, it was almost dusk and we needed to fix dinner. Plus my model quit on me too (though for good reason).

I put off picking something else to photograph. And once again, I found myself frantically taking pictures at ten. (The late night picture thing is developing into a bad habit)

These camellias once grew in my grandfather’s front yard. He tended them with diligence and the huge bush was one of the favorite hide-and-seek spots of his grand-kids. These were the first blooms that Mom brought in off our bush and they’ve been cheering up our breakfast room table for almost a week-fading now, but still beautiful.

I’m realizing that I have a little bit of an obsession with sepia right now. I love nostalgic things.


2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Day #14: Flowers

  1. I’ve been enjoying this photo challenge–if I had more time for creative pursuits I could be really into photography, I think. (Since I tend to go nuts when I get the camera on family vacations.)

    Anyway, this one is gorgeous. Really like it.

  2. I now what you mean, Nai. I have to admit that photography, along with my writing, takes up a lot of time. But for me, its just my way of pausing each day to reflect on the beauty of God’s world.
    Thank you! And thanks so much for following. 🙂

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