Photo Challenge Day #19: From a High Angle

Ever since I was little, trees have been one of my favorite hideouts. In fact, one fall I attached a hanging desk and a pulley to my favorite climbing tree and spent almost all of my time sitting hidden by the rustling leaves doing school work (Ok, ok, I mostly day-dreamed. But  I did do some school).

Today I carefully cushioned my camera in a over-the-shoulder bag, slung it over my back, and headed out to one of my favorite climbing trees. I love the feel of cold bark under my bare feet and hands as I pull myself up into the branches and today I climbed as high as I could. I settled down against the trunk twenty-something feet in the air and carefully unzipped my bag and retrieved my camera. I heard a meow and looked down, finally spotting one of our cats approaching my tree. It took me a minute to coax her nearer, but finally she started climbing up toward me.

This is the part of the story where it would be very dramatic to say that I almost dropped my camera twenty-something feet to the hard ground or even came close to falling while twisting in insecure positions to photograph Ella. But my feet were anchored securely around tree branches and my camera was safe around my neck, so my tale is quite anti-climatic (and I’m quite glad).

Ella eventually decided she was done with climbing and neatly retreated back down the trunk. But I was satisfied-I got a couple of shots and I enjoyed feeling the nippy December air in my face and listening the rustle of bare branches high in my perch.


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