Photo Challenge Day #24: Something Orange

Christmastime is magical.

I don’t care if you’re a six year old kid with huge smiling eyes on Christmas morning, a middle-aged adult, or a (semi-normal) teenager like me. There’s just something about this time of year that puts smiles onto peoples’ faces and warms our hearts like no other time of year.

That something is not the presents under the tree. Its not food (not even grapefruit peel candy) or the time spent with family. All these things are wonderful in and of themselves, but there’re not what makes this Holiday magical.

Christmastime is magical because its a celebration of our Savior’s birth. For us, its a time to rejoice that the Creator of the world came to us as a helpless babe, a sinless human man who came for one reason-to die.

Christmastime is magical because its a time to pause and reflect on the magnitude of God’s grace and to thank Him for the many gifts He showers on us.

For me, tonight, though simple and quiet, was a magical night. After spending most of this morning and afternoon with extended family, it was amazing to have a little bit of relaxing time. It was a time for me to reflect on my gifts. Not the ones under the tree, but the ones given to me by God.

Crashing on the couch, listening to Dad read the first chapter of the Hobbit to us, just like he did probably eight years ago for the first time. Playing with and laughing over Beth Anne’s new iPod Touch. Rubbing the seasoning on the standing rib roast with Daddy. Dancing in the kitchen to Charlie Brown’s Christmas music while cleaning and cooking with my parents. Photographing Mom cutting up the perfect oranges for the salad.

This is my idea of a magical night. One that makes me remember my blessings and thank God for them. Remembering the true meaning of Christmas and remembering that magical night over 2000 years ago.



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