Photo Challenge Day #31: Self-Portrait

I can’t believe it. My photo challenge is over. December is over. 2011 is over. And that is just unbelievable.

Time is so fleeting, so brief. And each year, time seems to speed up, the year seems to go by quicker. Makes me wonder how it’ll feel when I’m forty, but that in and of itself is a strange thought.

I haven’t really thought much about new years resolutions. Sure, I have goals. I have dreams. I have hopes and plans. But I haven’t, as of yet, spent much time putting them down on paper. Maybe I’ll spend some time doing that tonight.

Thinking about 2012 is exciting…and daunting. In the coming year, I’ll get a new sister-in-law, see another brother graduate from Georgia Tech, and see my big sister, one of my best friends, graduate from high school and start college. I’ll start my senior year in high school. And, at some point, I hope God will help me see what He wants me to do with the next four years of my life after high school–a subject that is rather intimidating to think about.

But if there’s one thing I want to do in the next year it is this: to live fully and to grow in God.

I want to take each moment as God sends it to me, to take it for what it is, and be thankful for it. To use my time wisely and for His Glory. To enjoy my sixteenth and seventeenth years, in spite of the confusing and turmoil of being a young adult, as blessings from God and to rejoice in them. Not to be content with the knowledge that I possess, but to seek out knowledge of my Savior and to, everyday, grow into the person He would have me be.


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