Schedules and Trust

This afternoon I sat down with my google calendar, weekly planner, and daily schedules. Before classes and activities start back up, I want to be ready. So that when the whirlwind comes, I won’t be in a dazed panic, without a plan or handy lists.

My January is going to be one of the craziest months of school in a while. I’m taking the SAT at the end of the month and I’m trying to get through a whole Math prep book by then–a whole lesson everyday school day (a couple hours right there) plus practice tests.

I’m also aiming to be done with my outline for my current book by the end of January since I dreadfully need to get to drafting. But that dictates 2-3 hours of time locked in my room.

Add in school, hours of learning Shostakovitch for EYSO, toss in a good healthy pinch of devotions, workouts, and salt, and stir. The plot thickens to the consistency of pancake batter. Needless to say, I’m doing anything in my human power to make room for everything in my schedule.

{Disclaimer: I hate to-do lists and schedules and being organized as much as any one else. I am not a phenomenon of productivity that enjoys micro-managing my time. I just have to.}

I have tried to limit the amount of time I spend wasting on lesser priorities (Sadly, Pinterest was one of them…I’m self-banned for the month) and I’m praying that God will help me be as productive as possible, doing everything in my crazy schedule to His glory. I hope that I will be able to master my first month of trigonometry without too much pain and that my hours of World Views homework won’t be as brutal as they sometimes are. I still need to take time each day for God’s Word and to reflect on the beauty of His world.

So in the midst of this crazy month, I’m rejoicing that God has given me so many opportunities to glorify Him. Soli Deo Gloria.



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