Near the End of a Goal

Today I finished writing a nine page summary of my current Fantasy novel. I  have worked through each chapter, outlining the major value changes and turning points, and setting the major plot twists. At this point I’ve planned for sixteen chapters. I had hoped to be completely done with outlining by the end of January, but somehow studying for the SAT took over a lot of outlining time. Plus, I’ve been working through Writing the Short Story by Jack M. Bickham and using some of my writing time to focus on some shorter fiction. I also need to work on getting at least a working title…I’m getting tired of calling it “Kyrie’s story”.

But hopefully this week I’ll be able to sort through the remaining setting, geographical, plot intricacies, and character issues to the point where I can start drafting by next week. I’m so ready to sit down and see how Kyrie’s voice comes on to page, what tone the setting will set, what the magic of this new world will feel like.

{I’m hoping to start posting some excerpts this spring as I’m working through the drafting process.}


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