A Slap of Reality in the Face

My second oldest brother married his sweet bride on Saturday. Hours, days, and weeks of anticipation, planning, and hard work went into one of the sweetest and best weekends of my life. I love both my brother and new sister dearly. Their wedding day was magical, filled with love, joy, and commitment.

But the weekend couldn’t last forever. Today has certainly been a slap of reality. Exhausted and drained from the amazing, though tiring, last couple of weeks, I’ve tried to get my game plan together for the next month.  All spring, any event after the wedding seemed so far away. When thinking of concerts, graduations, and finals, I always told myself, “We’ve got a while before all that. We’ve got a wedding first.”

But now the wedding’s over. And all these hurdles that separate us from summer are staring me in the face. Finals are in a matter of weeks. Before June, I have to write a novel. My solo performance with the Emory Youth Symphony is in 24 days. Just days after wearing one formal dress for the wedding, I went to get another altered for my performance, and spent another couple of hours ordering invitations for the event.

I wanted this weekend of happy memories to last forever. I’m not quite ready to take on the rest of our Spring yet. Without energy and motivation dive into the next set of to-do’s, I find myself in a lull. So I’m taking one day to find my energy and motivation. Make plans and to-do lists. Be thankful for a new sister, fun memories, family. And hope. Hope for grace to finish this spring strong.



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