Amanda Ake here. I’m a young writer with a love for photography, life-changing stories, and very large cups of tea. I am home-schooled, have a never-ending list books to read, and love the outdoors.

Here, you can follow my life of school, novels, editing, running, violin, family, and friends.

This is my story.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I have to say, I can’t remember how I first stumbled across your blog. I only know that when I left the page several months ago, I added it to my favourites and have been checking back ever since. 🙂
    Unsure of what you originally intended this blog to be, I have to hope you’re okay with complete strangers showing an interest. I love reading the things you post because they all sound like entries that could be pulled from my own journals, were I to write them online. I’m afraid I could never be consistent enough to keep up a blog, especially one as artistically valid as yours. Please understand what a compliment that is – your photography and writing is so refreshing, because it’s original and sincere. Nothing seems like you’ve posted it out of imitation or on a whim.
    I wanted to encourage you as well! From many of your recent posts, you seem so overloaded with work and obligations, and I know where you’re coming from when you feel like they’re crowding out creativity. I’m in my first year of college, and my last two years of high school were spent trying to balance a schedule of 8 advanced classes, church responsibility, service requirements, and college preparations with my passions for writing, theatre, dance, music, art, and just keeping in touch with the people around me. Almost impossible! (And sleep sometimes takes second priority for you too, I’m sure…) But I absolutely believe that when the dream is vivid, and the artist fully in touch with herself, there’s no way art won’t be created. Even from a distance, I think I can tell you have everything you need to ‘keep up the good work.’ =) And if it helps, know that your art is an inspiration to someone else out here who writes when she can and follows blogs in between. (;
    Thank you, and best of luck!

    • Frankie,
      Thank you so much for your interest in my blog. Your encouragement was much needed and just the boost that I needed right now. Honestly, there are times when I have questioned the validity and purpose of my blog. I admit it’s a bit scatterbrained and may lack focus in a particular field of interest. But such is my life, which is really the true subject of the blog.
      It’s such an encouragement to know that my work has been an inspiration. Without the knowledge that words can have an impact on other people’s lives, I would have quit writing long ago.
      Thank you again for your support! I hope you will forgive my sporadic posting schedule and keep following!
      Amanda Ake

  2. Hi Amanda — I came across your site in the listings on Jeff Goins’ website, among the 15 Habits of Successful Writers participates (I’m doing it too). I noticed our areas of focus overlap–I blog about creativity in art and career, with an emphasis on my own experiences as a creative writer (www.CreativeJuicer.wordpress.com).

    What would you think about partnering to give each other a little more exposure through a guest post swap? Email me if you’re interested and I’ll send you a few ideas I have for topics.

    PS– I also am in the process of launching an online short story zine for genre fiction (www.wordhaus.com) and I’m seeking submissions for it with the intent of publishing the first issue at the beginning of September. I’d LOVE it if you submitted a story. I read a few of your pieces on your blog. You’ve got a talent!

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